Areas of practice - Achievements

 As seasoned legal professionals and practicing attorney with more than three decades of extensive experience in a range of legal fields, we have a proven track record of success in providing legal counsel to businesses, including contract and collective agreements negotiations, corporate and employment law, to name a few. We are also well-versed in the latest legal developments and have a keen eye for detail, which allows us to provide sound legal advice that is practical and achievable. Our office is considered one of the leaders of employment law and labor litigation in Greece




  • Legal Advice/Support
  • Contract Review/Management
  • Employment Law
  • Labor Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Enterprise-wide Risk Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Content Management
  • Licensing
  • Business Advisory & Solutions
  • Complex Negotiations
  • Litigation Management
  • Compliance & Rules Applicable
  • Insolvency Resolution
  • Bankruptcy Resolution
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Internet, Social Media
  • Legal Analytical Skills



  • Member - Athens Bar Association, 1992
  • Member - Society of Labor Law and Social Security
  • Member - Editorial Board of the legal magazine "Legal Dais”, published by the Athens Bar Association



Degree in Law - University of Athens, Law School - Greece

Proficiency Diploma (C2) - University of Cambridge - UK

Diplome d’ Etudes Superieures (C2) -  Sorbonne II

Mittelstufe Zeugnis-Deutsches  Sprachdiplom - Goethe Institute

Diploma de Lengua Espanola - Nivel Basico



  • Speaker at the Webinar organized by The European Law Students Association – Greece on “Moral harassment in the workplace. Mobbing. Why it happens and how we deal with it” – 2021
  • Representative of Athens Labor Center at the conference of “Unionmigrantnet-progeto UMN-Agenda MLP” at Trieste, Italy, 2022
  • Training of asylum seekers-refugees within the framework of the "LABOR-INT" program, co-financed by the "European Asylum, Immigration and Integration Fund" of the EU, organized by the ETUC – 2019
  • Invited speaker at an event of KKE political party on "Labor - Modern Rights" at the Novotel Hotel, Athens – 2019
  • Speaker at a conference organized by the Municipality of Kifissia on "Psychosocial risks at work" and on the topic "Legal manifestations of the phenomena of moral and sexual harassment in Greece"- 2017
  • Invited speaker at an event of the Labor Center of Thessaloniki on "Strike, Collective struggle and action and workers' rights" – 2017
  • Invited speaker at an event of the Justice Department of the KKE political party on "The upheavals in labor law and the struggle for the protection of labor rights" – 2016
  • Speaker at a conference of the "Panhellenic Independent Class Movement" on "Democratic rights and trade union freedoms in times of crisis and memoranda" – 2014
  • Speaker at a conference of the "Democratic Independent Workers' Movement DAKE" on "Changes in labor regulations after the memoranda" – 2013
  • Speaker at an event in Agios Dimitrios, Athens, in the context of "MigrantFest 2012", on ‘Actions to raise awareness of local communities on issues concerning immigrants’ – 2012



  • International Conference of the European Confederation of Trade Unions (ETUC), in Brussels, on "Changing the migration narrative for a more inclusive society - Second European Conference of Trade Union Services for Migrants" – 2015
  • GUE-NGL International Conference on "Full Employment and Social Cohesion: Are They Still Possible in a Changing Europe?" At the European Parliament in Brussels – 2015
  • 13th Panhellenic Conference of the Society of Labor Law and Social Security on "Wages in labor law and social security: Searches and current issues" - 2013 Kalamata
  • Conference of the Society of Labor Law and Social Security entitled "The time of work" – 2005, University of Thessaly, Volos
  • Higher Seminar of Constitutional Law, Athens University Law School on “N I Saripolos and the 1864 Constitution” – 1990



Senior Legal / Law Professional

Accomplished legal professional with over three decades of substantial experience providing legal advice and support to businesses in a wide range of industries in litigation management, employment law, labor law, governance, regulatory compliance, and commercial & intellectual property matters for private and publicly-traded companies. Expert in managing civil litigation, drafting agreements, employee policies & handbooks, statements of work, non-disclosure agreements, pleadings, discovery responses, developing legal strategies, and conducting research. A strong business-based background with extensive and broad-based legal experience, coupled with policy development, training, and management skills. Known for advising teams on deal structure and contract negotiations. Providing counsel on corporate governance matters and supporting Boards in preparing, managing, and implementing related policies.



 Centre for Educational Policy Development of GSEE (KANEP) - Athens, Greece

Union of Working Consumers of Greece (EEKE) - Athens, Greece

Legal Counsel                                                                                      

Legal Advice/Support | Legal Representation | Handling Public Tenders & Contracts | Litigation Process | Negotiating & Awarding Contracts/Agreements



 Providing legal representation to, and supporting the work of the organization, and managing a range of legal strategies & responsibilities.

  • Providing legal advice in relation to and participating in public tenders for projects, supplies, and contracts.
  • Rendering legal support in the litigation process before courts, regular, arbitral, and administrative authorities.
  • Negotiating the award of contracts and supporting the writing of contracts.
  • Full legal coverage during the preparation and implementation of public procurement and executing contractual correspondence accordingly.
  • Chairman of the Committee of pre-trial Appeals at KANEP regarding the selection of contractors in international or domestic tenders


 Providing legal advice to consumers on Case Management Law, and Over-indebted Households.

  • Managing all cases related to loan agreements of natural persons with banks, overdue debt settlements with banks, abusive general terms of transactions & contractual cases, and guaranteeing liability & protection.
  • Preparing class action lawsuits on Consumer Protection’s Law infringements.


Registered at Finance Ministry’s Registry # 148 - Athens, Greece           

Accredited Insolvency Practitioner   2020 - Present


Insolvency Procedures & Practices | Compliance | Liquidating Assets | Settlement Processes | Financial Analysis | Report Writing | Discussions

  • Advising on and undertaking appointments in all formal insolvency procedures.
  • Acting on behalf of insolvent individuals and companies in compliance with the terms & conditions as specified in the bye-laws.
  • Vital role in liquidating the entity assets and other settlement processes.
  • Analyzing the financial statement of the company/individual and understanding their financial position.
  • Preparing and submitting accurate reports on liquidation plan & process, asset memorandum, sale of assets, etc.


President of the Evaluation Committee  of the Act entitled "Training and Certification of knowledge and skills of workers in the private sector by OMTE" with OPS Code 5035132, which has joined the Operational Program "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020"  of the National Strategic Reference Framework 2014-2020                                            

Nov 2020 - Present


Selecting & Finalizing Contractors | International Tenders | Negotiations | Deal Closure | Contracts Administration

  • Selected final contractors in the international tender/s for concluding service contracts for sub-projects 2-6 within the framework.
  • Concluded contracts under the ‘Training and Certification of knowledge & skills of workers in the private sector by OMTE’ Act with OPS code 5035132 of the National Strategic Reference Framework 2014-2020


Athens Bar Association - Athens, Greece          

Chairman of the Disciplinary Board

Mar 2018 - Present


Examining Disciplinary Offences | Conducting Hearings | Preserving Disciplinary Integrity | Imposing Penalties/Punishment | Chairing Meetings | Legal Advice

  • Involved in examining disciplinary offenses of lawyers, conducting hearings, and imposing disciplinary penalties accordingly.
  • Hold responsibility for the oversight of standards pertaining to the discipline and the preservation of disciplinary integrity.
  • Significantly contributing to policy formation and strategic planning.
  • Chairing meetings of the discipline and advising on all discipline-specific issues.


Athens Labor Center (EKA) - Athens, Greece          

Legal Counsel, Director of Legal Affairs

Jan 2010 - Present


Legal Advice | Litigation/Employment Issues | Court Interventions | Relationship Management | Drafting Agreements & Legal Opinions | Documentation

  • Providing legal advice on litigation/employment issues and court interventions.
  • Serving as a Collaborator of the Immigration Department of EKA.
  • Guiding and leading a 3-member Legal team on all legal activities, including smooth functioning/administration of EKA and handling legal cases of EKA.
  • Building and nurturing strong relationships with state authorities and social partners.
  • Negotiating & drafting agreements, legal opinions, and court documentation.
  • Advising team members on appearance at courts and legal inputs.
  • Advising the Board, trade union members, employees, and Athenian citizens seeking legal help/support.
  • Key role in conducting the General Assembly of ~1000 EKA delegates.
  • Actively taking part in the Center’s and General Assembly's activities.


Supreme Court / Council of State - Athens, Greece


Lawyer - Litigation Attorney

Dec 1992 - Present

Labor Law | Case Management | Employment Contracts | Health & Safety Issues | Claims Handling | Compensation Cases | Negotiating

  • Donning multiple hats, such as:
  • Lawyer at the Supreme Court / Council of State.
  • Member of the Athens Bar Association.
  • President of the 4th Disciplinary Board of the Athens Bar Association (2018-2021).
  • Founder of Melissaris Law Group.
  • Member of negotiating teams for Collective Labor Agreements - Mediation/Arbitration decisions at OMED.
  • Legal Advisor to primary and secondary trade unions.
  • Litigation Attorney in many types of claims.
  • Handling all cases related to labor law in both public & private sectors.
  • Additionally, overseeing cases related to the law of Compensation, Private and Social Security, and Bankruptcy.
  • Role involves preparing employment contracts of all special types, termination of employment contracts, and drafting internal labor regulations.
  • Leading all issues of equal treatment and protection of personal data.
  • Dealing with ethical & unethical harassment, health & safety issues of workers, trade union disputes/strikes, etc.
  • Participating in co-financed European education and training programs.
  • Handling various types of claims, such as discrimination, harassment, wage payment, wrongful dismissal, misappropriation of trade secrets & confidential information, labor union disputes, and workplace safety violations.
  • Regular expert contributor to various news outlets on a range of legal matters.
  • Recent work accomplishments:
  • As bankruptcy trustee of the company “KRIS PAN PLASTIC INDUSTRY S.A.”, I manage the bankruptcy proceedings worth millions of euros
  • Representing hundreds of creditors in liquidation proceedings of large insolvent companies like “ALAPIS S.A. Pharmaceutical”, “FINTEXPORT S.A. Carpet manufacturer”, “AEPI Hellenic Intellectual Property Protection Company S.A.” etc.
  • I achieved the payment of compensations of millions of euros to creditors from companies such as “GEROLYMATOS COSMETICS S.A.” and “IPPOCAMPOS S.A. Construction Company”.
  • Participating in some of the most important trials in labor matters in the Supreme Courts in recent years such as the constitutionality of the State Register of trade unions, the determination of minimum wage increases, the dismissal status of private teachers etc.
  • Member of bargaining teams in a multitude of collective agreements and disputes in various sectors of the economy such as Casinos (Athens Casino-Mont Parnes), Civil Aviation Authority, Greek private schools, National Football Association.

Immigrant Trainer  Oct 2019 - Dec 2019

Labor Institute of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE)

Research Associate  Jan 2010 - Dec 2011

Aspis Pronoia  Insurance Company Aeaz Dec 1998 - Dec 2008

Municipality of Chalandri Jan 1996 - Dec 2002

Estia Insurance Company Aaae Dec 1994 - Dec 2000


Military Service - Hellenic Air Force Mar 1991 - Dec 1992